We are approved south-west zonal ISP from BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission). Our commitment is to provide best uptime & high speed broadband connectivity on your doorstep.

High Performance Servers

We have own CDN service to serve better to our customer & we have connectivity with Bangladesh National Internet Exchange (BDIX).

Faster Connectivity

We are using Gbps connectivity with our core system to serve better with faster internet service for our clients.

Multiple Upstream Peering

We have multiple upstream for redundancy to ensure maximum uptime.

Why Choose Us

We know the essentiality of internet connectivity for online communication. It could be personal or business purpose. So we care about the needs. Quality service is our commitment. Our network is based on 100% FTTx architecture, so user is always up and connected unless fiber cut. We also provide solution for interconnectivity between your P2P as per your requirement.

We ensure our service from high skilled engineers. Our engineers are always monitoring network from backend to ensure best uptime.

Low Setup Fee

We always try to connect new customer as fast as cheaper. Call us for new connectivity and experience faster connectivity on your city.

Free FTP Servers

We have own FTP server and we are also connected with hundreds of local FTP server for faster content sharing.

Firewall Protection

We ensure 10 Gbps firewall protection on our network for best security and connectivity.

Express Service from DNSBD Internet

Service is our first commitment. Our expert engineers are always for you to help 24x7.

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10 Gbps Connectivity
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Buffer less YouTube

Play HD Video Smoothly


Buffer less Facebook

High Speed for Facebook & Messenger


98% Up Time Guarantee

We ensure best uptime guarantee 98%


We Provide 24/7 Support

Call or Email our support for any issue

Home User Shared Internet Bandwidth Package

8 Mbps ৳ 500 / Monthly
  • Speed Limit Upto 8 Mbps
  • Buffer Less Facebook & YouTube
  • High Speed BDIX Connectivity
  • Shared Bandwidth
  • 24x7 Support
15 Mbps ৳ 750 / Monthly
  • Speed Limit Upto 15 Mbps
  • Buffer Less Facebook & YouTube
  • High Speed BDIX Connectivity
  • Shared Bandwidth
  • 24x7 Support
20 Mbps ৳ 1000 / Monthly
  • Speed Limit Upto 20 Mbps
  • Buffer Less Facebook & HD YouTube
  • High Speed BDIX Connectivity
  • Public / Real IP : ৳500 / Monthly
  • 24x7 Support
Any Speed ৳ Call For Price
  • Speed Limit: As per Requirement
  • Full Duplex Connectivity
  • Free Public IP
  • 24x7 Support


Useally internet bandwidth calculated under bit. So connectivity is under bps (bits per second). Our computer and mobile device software useally calculate MB (mega bytes) / KB (kilo bytes). Here is little diffrence between bit and byte. 1 kilo byte = 8 kilo bit. 1 Mbps = 1024 kbps and 1 Mbps connectivity mean 1024/8 = 128 KB (kilo bytes). So a dedicated 8 Mbps connectivity speed should be 1 MBPS (Mega Bytes Per Second) speed.
FTTX is a generalization for several configurations of fiber deployment, arranged into two groups: FTTP/FTTH/FTTB (Fiber laid all the way to the premises/home/building) and FTTC/N (fiber laid to the cabinet/node, with copper wires completing the connection). Fiber to the x is the key method used to drive next-generation access (NGA), which describes a significant upgrade to the Broadband available by making a step change in speed and quality of the service. Our network is FTTx architecture based.
A public IP address is the address that is assigned to a computing device to allow direct access over the Internet. A web server, email server and any server device directly accessible from the Internet are candidate for a public IP address. A public IP address is globally unique, and can only be assigned to a unique device. Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is the organization responsible for registering IP address ranges to organizations and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). A private IP address is the address space allocated by InterNIC to allow organizations to create their own private network.
You can find your IP address by visiting www.whatismyip.com website.
There is lot of website to test your internet bandwidth connectivity speed. A popular speed test website is www.speedtest.net, here you can test your bandwidth speed. You can also test bandwidth speed by download any content from better destination where is available connectivity speed to see your connection speed.


Our Key People

Kawsar Ahmad Shaon

Kawsar Ahmad Shaon is Chief Executive Officer at DNSBD. Specially he lead operation, sales and customer support team.

Jakaria Jassim John

Jakaria Jassim John is CTO and Network Administrator at DNSBD. He manage the core system networking and manage level 3 support.

Neamul Haque

Neamul Haque is Network Administrator at DNSBD. He work to manage existing network and co-work with NOC and support team.

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